Help to raise money for cerebral palsy treatment for my child, give him a chance for happy childhood

Hello! I ask for your help with all my heart to treat my baby Vanya from Poltava.
When he turned 7 month I start to worry since he still did not sit on his own, and did not even try to crawl. Althought we visited the children’s neurologist every month, and doctor reassured that it is nothing to worry about, it might be due to early birth and it will pass.
But already when he was 9 months we heard terrible diagnosis, “cerebral palsy” and it started …

(this is medical diagnosis)
(this is medical diagnosis)

Endless, uninterrupted courses of massage, exercise therapy, physiotherapy, increased medical treatment, rehabilitation courses in the regional center.


3 times he received in-stay treatment in the neurology department of the regional hospital in Poltava, passed 3 courses of Intensive neurophysiology rehabilitation in International Clinic of Rehabilitation in city Truskavets. We spent huge amount of money on that treatment, but it did not bring any of expected  results.  Treatment in Ukraine brings some results but they are very small, my 3 years old Vanya still can not speak, stand, crawl or walk. Now Vanya became worse. There was one hope for treatment abroad in Chinese clinic “Tadun” in Harbin. But for this treatment i need to raise 23100 dollars. While taking care of my disable child, I can not earn that huge money and i have nobody to ask for help. I am an orphan and divorced with my husband. The only hope i have – is You, kind and caring people. Please, help me to give my child a happy childhood. My biggest fear is that without money I can not help my kid, and it’s killing me. He needs Your help. Only your help can bring my baby to a normal full life without a wheelchair. The faster we will collect the necessary amount, the faster we start treatment and more chances he will have. I appeal to you with the last hope to raise money for the treatment of my baby Vanya.
Below our invitation and bill for theraphy in China.


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